Warned for using /back

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Jun 11, 2020
i have used /back in pvp multiple times after i get killed and i have got a warned for spamming by a staff is that even possible ?


Events Team
Jun 25, 2017
Spamming commands is a form of spamming and not allowed unfortunately.


Apr 3, 2020
You were spamming the /back command during a Sky Drop event, and because of this, you had been granted immunity each time you used the command, which meant no players could attack you during this. You were asked by a staff member, the same one who warned you, to only use it a few times, but instead you used it a lot more than what was appropriate, which is why you were given a warning. It's been noticed that you do this often, and although /back is allowed to be used to teleport back to the pvp arena, but there is a fair use limit of the /back command in regards to the pvp arena, which an individual staff member will decide. Other players had also complained about you using the /back command so often as they weren't given a chance to collect the items they had rightly "won" from you when killing you as you'd teleported back quick enough to pickup your own items after a death. The warning you received isn't something you need to worry about that much as it wasn't a major incident, but we do try to make all aspects of PixelPunchers fair for all players, including those who have access to commands that others do not, but just because you have access to a particular command, doesn't mean you can use it whichever way you like. All commands, perks and abilities should be used in fairness, but sometimes players do unfairly use their commands, perks and/or abilities, and in this case, you did. Although as I said, the warning isn't something you need to be worried about as it was a minor incident. The Community Manager spoke to the Mod in question who gave you the warning to understand the full story to ensure that the warning you received was fair, and after their explanation, he deemed it to be a fair warning.
creds to jack for the help LOL
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